1. Meet & Greet Consultation
We want to know more about you as a company, entrepreneur, product or
service. We understand this internet thing can be challenging and that’s why were here to listen the challenges you face.

2. We Research Your Business
People like to jump into projects without a plan and we want to focus on your vision and how we can strategically get there. Our goal is to guide you with all the tools to succeed in the long run.

3. The Mockup Phase
After we have signed the proposal and the initial amount is received, the website mock-up will be created. You will then review the design and give us feedback to any changes you will like to see. When changes are made, we will provide you with the final review.

4. Testing Your Site
The finish line is almost here at this point, the important part in the phase is ti see how your site works across web browsers. It’s important to see how your graphics look. If you picked a package where we provided content for your website viewers, it’s important that we discuss the topics so were on the same page. WE WANT TO SEE YOU WIN BECAUSE WE WIN!

5. Ongoing Relationship For The Future & Website Maintenance
Your website is finished and set for sail, but we value your relationship and the goal it to work side by side for years to come. To continue our services on a daily basis, we off ongoing maintenance services at an hourly rate so you can focus on what you do best, you business. We can focus on what we do best and that’s making your website run smoothly, save you time and money while you keep the power of running your EMPIRE.
Contact us today to see how we can grow your business.