Brand consistency creates brand trust. It's simple the more consistent you are with developing a brand identity, the more trust your brand gains from its employees, contractors, and customers.
Leopold Ashley


A brand your customers can love and engage with – not just tolerate or transact with – is one of the most powerful advantages any business can have. And it matters now more than ever.


Building a brand identity has always required strategic clarity. But today, great branding requires an unwavering focus on fostering authentic connections – making humans your north star as you navigate changing touchpoints, platforms, and trends.


Flow Mango Digital Agency is built to deliver. Our branding practice brings together a cross-disciplinary team of experts in strategy, design, and copywriting, with the agility, acuity, and human focus to give you a strong start to building a great brand.

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The basics of effective brand development are timeless, but we believe the digital age demands we do a few things differently.

  • Be true to your Core. It doesn’t matter how clever or slick the packaging is – if a brand is not true to your business, customers will see right through it.
  • Connect with your Customers. When your customers are empowered, you need a brand they actively want to interact with.
  • Distinguish yourself from your Competition. It’s critical to identify competitive, visual, and emotional whitespace where your brand can win.
  • Relate to the wider social Context. Brands that truly understand social trends don’t just avoid #fails – they’re bold and engaging and stand for something.

Once we have a concept that can represent you, resonate with your audience, and help you stand out from your competition, we’ve set the stage for the brand story – the framework that defines your brand’s mission, vision, positioning, personality, and values. Your story, in turn, gives further direction and definition to the final phase of our approach: an eye-catching visual identity your business can take to market.